The Perfect Fit the First Time

RR is a dynamic boutique consulting firm that provides customizable and scalable solutions ranging from a single Subject Matter Expert (SME) to a full project team.

The RR Difference

10 ways RR will make a difference for your insurance company over other tier one providers:

  1. Our network of technology experts holds advanced insurance designations and certifications with decades of system specific experience.
  2. Our proprietary database holds 4,000+ insurance industry-qualified resources.
  3. Our consultants undergo a full background check, professional reference check, and technical skills assessment interview, which is conducted by multiple industry experts; all candidates sign an exclusive “right to represent” agreement.
  4. Our decades long experience in executive search, combined with our technical depth, produce outstanding results.
  5. RR provides customizable and scalable solutions, ranging from a single SME to an industry-specific full project team.
  6. RR specializes exclusively in the Global Insurance Market, giving us an in-depth understanding of your business’s needs and the best way to meet these needs.
  7. RR provides the highest quality human resources with proven expertise, ensuring your projects are delivered on time and on budget.
  8. We match your business with the best candidates every time; our historically low 1.5:1 interview-to-hire ratio saves your business time and money.
  9. In addition to providing a single resource/SME to an entire project team, RR also provides project-planning assistance, including assistance with plan scope, framework and initiation.
  10. RR can help you meet your diversity goals.

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